Lincoln Legal Briefs

January-February, 1988, Number 5

The Lincoln Legals fund raising committee, headed by Don Funk, has been hard at work. At last count the committee had raised $15,983. We are grateful to the following contributors: Robert G. Alexander, Ed Ames, Harold A. Baker, Robert A. Barker Foundation, David N. Barkhausen, Floyd S. Barringer, Stephen P. Bartholf, Molly M. Becker, Donald G. Benham, Roger Bridges, James E. Brown, John C. Bruha, Willard Bunn, III, Willard Bunn, Jr., George M. Craig, Michael Devine, Irving Dilliard, Thomas J. Dyba, Richard W. Dyke, Mr. & Mrs. Don E. Fehrenbacher, Olive Foster, John W. Frank, Robert S. French, Henry C. Friend, Donald H. Funk, Karl M. Grisso, Harold Gross, Sherrill Halbert, John B. Hannum, Hart & Southworth, Earl W. Henderson, Jr., Dale Hershey, James T. Hickey, Harold Holzer, Robert Johannsen, John R. Keith, Harvey E. Lemmen, Harry C. Lichman, Lincoln Group of New York in memory of Joseph Richter, Alfred J. Lipsey, Michael A. Mattingly, James Mussatti, Ralph G. Newman, Georgia L. Northrup, Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Olsen, Robert J. Patton, W. Emerson Reck, Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Reever, Sally B. Schanbacher, John H. Schirding, Alice H. Schlipf, Logan H. Schlipf, Peter W. Sluys, Springfield Clearing House Association, Salome K. Thomas, John T. Trutter, William Kent Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Van Meter, Jr., Clyde C. Walton, Henry Louis Warnken, Frank J. Williams, Harlington Wood, Jr., Shirley V. Yerbic.

We appreciate the work done at the University of Illinois by Michael Hoeflich's Legal History Seminar students. During the Fall Semester, seventeen students undertook various types of research for the project. Seven students came to Springfield where they reviewed and refined some early control documents, while others indexed the Logan County Circuit Court and U.S. District and Circuit Court Records. One student re-viewed the C. H. Moore letterbooks held by the Illinois State Historical Library in order to determine what of interest for the project might be found. Under the leadership of summer intern Laura Clower, several of the seminar students are attempting to locate documents in the DeWitt County Court-house that relate to cases in which Lincoln was involved. Other legal seminar students are attempting to identify attorneys who were Lincoln's contemporaries through use of newspapers, census records, and other sources that will supplement the information found in legal directories of the period. These will be added to those already identified by College of Law students, and for which the University of Illinois has begun creating a biographical directory.

By now all who receive this newsletter should have received a copy of the brochure describing The Lincoln Legals. Not only has it been of assistance in raising funds for the project, but it has been responsible for locating one hitherto unknown Lincoln letter referring to an unspecified 1857 legal matter.

We recently acquired reprints of Greenleaf on Evidence and Story's Commentaries, both of which we expect to be of immense use. We continue to seek copies of legal form books in use during Lincoln's career.

If you have, or know of someone who has, an IBM-compatible computer with at least two disk drives and 512K RAM to loan or donate, please let me know at your earliest convenience. We expect soon to have law students assisting in the office each day. The computers we now have are in constant use by our staff, and cannot be easily freed for use by the students. It would make our work more productive and efficient if the document control information could be entered directly into the computer.

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Springfield, Illinois