Lincoln Legal Briefs

July - September 1997, Number 43

Abraham Lincoln Association

We are pleased to enclose a news bulletin from the Abraham Lincoln Association, a longstanding co-sponsor of The Lincoln Legal Papers. We encourage readers who are not members of ALA to join this organization, which is dedicated to studying, preserving and disseminating authentic information about Abraham Lincoln.


The Lincoln Calendar

The 12th annual Lincoln Colloquium will take place on Saturday, October 25, on the campus of the University of Illinois at Springfield. This year's conference theme, "The Legacy of Abraham Lincoln," features presentations by Dwight T. Pitcaithley, Douglas L. Wilson, Frank J. Williams, Rodney Davis, Harold Holzer, and Philip Shaw Paludan. For further information contact the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, (217) 492-4241, ext. 241.



We acknowledge with deep appreciation the generosity of the following recent donors: Marty Benner, Glen L. Bower, Thomas Campbell, Professor Rodney O. Davis, David B. Franco, Great River Genealogical Society, Mr. & Mrs. David McCalmont, Benjamin Shapell, Richard Stahl. A contribution in honor of Lloyd A. Schwiebert was made by Mr. & Mrs. John Dixon. Hart, Southworth & Witsman made a contribution in memory of Robert B. Oxtoby.  



The publication date for the Complete Documentary Edition on CD-ROM has been rescheduled as a result of adjustments in the user interface, and a recalculation of the time required to complete numerous accessioning, proofreading and related tasks. All staff work will be completed by the fall of 1998, with publication set for early in 1999.

Meanwhile, we were pleasantly surprised by the length of a list we recently compiled of 59 books and articles that are based in whole or in part on the project's documentary holdings and reference assistance. This bibliography demonstrates that our work over the past decade has spawned a surge of new scholarship on Abraham Lincoln's law practice. Our many document discoveries, our path-breaking database and publication plans, and our "open door" policy for researchers have popularized and invigorated a research field that had lain dormant for over 30 years. The bibliography follows.



A list of recent books and articles on Abraham Lincoln's law practice, based on or encouraged by the work and the holdings of The Lincoln Legal Papers.

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