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Reassembling Lincoln

Two halves of original Lincoln document in New York and Illinois electronically reunited after 153 years

December 23, 2009

CANTON, NEW YORK – The two hadn’t seen one another in 153 years. Now, thanks to some historical detective work and modern technology, two halves of an original Abraham Lincoln legal document that have been residing in New York and Illinois have been electronically reunited.

“Lincoln lost the legal case in question, but our researchers from The Papers of Abraham Lincoln came up with a winner when they discovered that pieces of paper in two separate states were halves of the same document signed by our 16th President when he was an attorney,” said Illinois State Historian Thomas Schwartz.

“Although we are largely done with Lincoln’s legal papers, it is always exciting to add new documents in Lincoln’s hand, especially when they have been in separate pieces for such a long time,” said The Papers of Abraham Lincoln Director Daniel Stowell.

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