Awards for The Papers of Abraham Lincoln: Legal Documents and Cases

Book of the Year, Illinois State Historical Society, April 2009
“This set represents publishing at its best: professionally done, competently produced, and a scholarly labor of love,” said ISHS Awards chair Russell Lewis, executive vice president at the Chicago History Museum.  “These volumes are not only extremely relevant to the state of Illinois, but they are especially welcome work in the Lincoln bicentennial year.  The editors’ introduction will stand as the definitive statement about the project and Lincoln’s law practice, and the decision to assemble in the volume court cases that represent his geographical journey along the circuit is nothing short of ingenious.  Meticulous, comprehensive, and powerful, this work is most deserving of the award.”

Awards for The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition

Winner, Abraham Lincoln Institute of the Mid-Atlantic Book Award, in recognition of this  "monumental contribution to scholarship," $5,000 cash prize, March 2001.

Finalist, The eLincoln Prize at Gettysburg College, February 2001.