Reviews of "The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition"

Law and History Review 20, no. 2 (June 2002)

Reviewed by Christopher Waldrep, San Francisco State University

"The collection fascinates not just because of the documents it makes available for researchers, but because of the way it presents them. Searchable images of 96,000 pages of nineteenth-century Illinois legal documentation represents a new kind of archive.
"The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln should be of interest to anyone researching the antebellum era. The editors have made documents usually locked away in courthouse vaults accessible, not just physically accessible, but understandable. The promise of the computer age is that historical resources will be more widely available, not just to senior scholars with big grants, or dissertation writers with little grants, but to all manner of students. These records should be used by high school and college students, professors at teaching colleges as well as the faculty at the leading research institutions."