Series II (Illinois Papers)

Series II

Pay and mileage account of Abraham Lincoln, Dec 1848-March 1849.  Courtesy of the National Archives.Pay and mileage account of Abraham Lincoln, Dec 1848-March 1849. Courtesy of the National Archives.

Born in 1809 in rural Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln later lived in Indiana before moving to Illinois in 1830.  After living in Macon County and New Salem, Lincoln moved to Springfield in 1837.  Except for a term in the United States House of Representatives, Lincoln lived in Springfield until he became President in 1861.

Series II incorporates the documentary record of Lincoln's life during these years, including personal and political correspondence, political speeches, and all other non-legal materials.


Series II incorporates all non-legal Lincoln documents from Abraham Lincoln's birth on February 12, 1809 through March 3, 1861, the day before his inauguration as President.

    A "Lincoln document" is any of the following:

  • a document written in Abraham Lincoln's hand;
  • a document printed from an original written in Abraham Lincoln's hand (e.g., letters authored by Lincoln to a newspaper);
  • a document written by a clerk or assistant but signed by Abraham Lincoln or issued directly under his authority;
  • a document reporting Abraham Lincoln's words (e.g., legislative bills and acts, newspaper reports of speeches);
  • a document addressed or directed to Abraham Lincoln (either sender's or recipient's copy; either draft or final version);
  • a document enclosed with correspondence addressed to Abraham Lincoln or written by Lincoln; or
  • a document comprising a part of the official record of a particular matter submitted for Abraham Lincoln's review.

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