Certificate of Survey for William McNeely, 10 March 18351
Surveyed for William McNeely a part of the of the South West ^fractional^ quarter of Section 30 in Township 18 North of Range 7 West. Begining at the middle of Gum's branch where the Eastern boundry line of said fraction crosses the same at an Ash 7 inches in diameter bearing N[North] 28 W[West] 48 links. Thence North 18 chains to the North East corner of said fraction at an Overcup2 10 inches S[South] 42 E.[East] 92 links. Thence West 8 chains & 95 links to a White Oak 10 inches S 36 E. 43 links. Thence South 17 chains & 57 links to the middle of the aforesaid branch at a Hackberry 7 inches N 28 W 48 links. Thence up the branch with its meanderings to the begining
Also, the West half of the South West quarter of Section 21 in the afforesaid Township. Begining at the South West corner of the same at a Post & Mound. Thence East 20 chains to a Post & Mound. Thence North 40 chains to a Post & Mound. Thence West 20 chains to a Post & MoundThence South 40 chains to the begining.3
John Calhoun S. S. C.[Surveyor of Sangamon County]
By A. Lincoln
1Abraham Lincoln wrote this document and signed Calhounā€™s name as well.
2Overcup Oak tree.
3The first section of land contained fewer than one hundred and sixty acres and the second contained eighty acres. Both sections were located in the northern section of Sangamon County, Illinois, which became a part of Menard County in 1839.

Autograph Document Signed, 1 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Brown University (Providence, RI).