Certificate of Survey for John K. Kincaid, 24 March 18351
Surveyed for John K. Kincaid the following tracts of land 1st The South East fourth of the South West quarter of Section 28— 2nd A part of the East half of the South East quarter of Section 23— both in Township 18 North of Range 6 West—2 1st Begining at the South East corner of the same— at a White Oak 12 inches in diameter bearing N[North] 85 E.[East] 17 Links [to a] White Oak 13 inches [in diameter]— S[South] 66 W—[West] 58 Links— Thence N 89 W 20 chains to a Burr Oak 11 inches [in diameter] N 59 W— 19 Links Thence North 20 chains to a White Oak 12 inches [in diameter] S 27 W 55 Links— Thence S 89 E 20 chains to a White Oak 22 inches [in diameter] S 4 W— 51 Links— Thence South 20 chains to the begining—
2nd Begining at the North East corner of the same at a White Oak 14 inches [in diameter] S 16 W. 78 Links [to a] White Oak 10 inches [in diameter] N 1 E. 66 Links— Thence N 88 W 10 chains & 17 Links to a White Oak 24 inches [in diameter] S 76 E. 91 Links— Thence South 29 chains & 49 Links to a Lynn 14 inches [in diameter] S 51 E. 46 Links Thence S 88 E. 10 chains & 17 Links to a Black Walnut 16 inches [in diameter] N 88 W— 32– Links— Thence North 29 chains & 49 Links to the begining—
J. Calhoun S. S. C.[Surveyor of Sangamon County]
By A. Lincoln

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Survey of for John K Kincaid
Section 23
by A Lincoln
1Abraham Lincoln wrote all the text on page one, including Calhoun’s signature.
2The two parcels of land described here are located northwest of Athens in Menard County.

Autograph Document Signed, 2 page(s), Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).