Report of the Committee on Public Accounts and Expenditures regarding State Expenses for 1836, [2 January 1836]
The committee on Public accounts and expenditures, who were required, by a resolution of the House, to ascertain the probable amount of money necessary for defraying the expenses of the State for the succeeding year, report the following—1
Contingent fund $ 4,000
Penitentiary 750
Interest on Wiggins loan 6,000
Governor's salary 1,000
Auditor's saldo 1,600
Treasurer'sdo 1,600
Sec, State'sdo 1,100
Supreme Judgesdo 4,000
Circuitme Judodo 4,500
Attorneysdo 1,850
Agent of Ohio Salines— 200
Warden of Penitentiary 400
Public Printer 2,000
Counties on the Bounty tract— 4,150
Special appropriations and incidental expenses 6,000
General Assembly for Session of 1836, 7 37—000
Making in the whole 76,150
To which add the expenses of the present session of the General Assembly— 13000
Total $ 89150

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Rept Com Pub accts & Expend.[Report of the committee on Public accounts and Expenditures]
Expenses of the year 1836
1On December 22, 1835, the House of Representatives adopted a resolution ordering the Committee on Public Accounts and Expenditures, of which Abraham Lincoln was a member, to report the projected costs of the state government for the following year. On January 2, 1836, John D. Hughes from the Committee on Public Accounts and Expenditures presented this report, in the handwriting of Abraham Lincoln.
Illinois House Journal. 1835. 9th G. A., 2nd sess., 121, 206-207.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL).