This he refused to receive, below is Mr Lincoln’s Statement of What passed between him & Genl Whiteside -
Upon presenting this note to Genl Whiteside & stating verbally that it was an agreement to meet him at the time he mentioned at Louisiana Mo, he replied,
Lincoln, I cannot accept any thing from him now, I have business at St Louis and it is as near as Louisiana
A. Lincoln
I then requested Mr L. to deliver him following verbal message;
Dr M. requests me, as he understands you are going away, to give you notice, that he will publish the Correspondence which has passed between you & him, with such comments as he shall think proper– Upon making the above statement verbally to Gen. W. replied, “I am going away when it suits my convenience: but I expect Dr M as an honorable man, to meet me at St Louis, We then shall be untrammeled by the laws of the State.”
A Lincoln

Handwritten Transcription, 1 page(s), Box 1 (folder 10), page 190, Hardin Family Letters and Documents, St. Augustine Historical Society (St. Augustine, FL)