Report No. 326.
(To accompany H. R. Joint Resolution, 18.)
March 9, 1848.
Mr. Lincoln, from the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, made the following
The Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, to whom was referred the petition of H. M. Barney, postmaster at Brimfield, Peoria county, Illinois, report:
That they have been satisfied by evidence, that on the 15th of December, 1847, said petitioner had his store, with some fifteen hundred dollars worth of goods, together with all the papers of the post office, entirely destroyed by fire; and that the specie funds of the office were melted down, partially lost, and partially destroyed; that his large individual loss entirely precludes the idea of embezzlement; that the balances due the department of former quarters has been only about twenty-five dollars; and that owing to the destruction of the papers, the exact amount due for the quarter ending December 31st, 1847, cannot be ascertained. They therefore report a joint resolution, releasing said petitioner from paying anything for the quarter last mentioned.

Printed Document, 1 page(s), Volume 76, RG 233, Entry 345: Records of the United States House of Representatives, Twenty-Ninth Congress, 1845-1847, Records of the Office of the Clerk, Record Books, Printed Reports of the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads