Promissory Note from Samuel Hurst to William Butler, 15 July 18371
Twelve months after date I promise to pay William Butler or order one hundred & seventy dollars with interest at the rate of twelve per centum per annum from date till paidValue received July 15th 1837
Samuel X Hurst2
[ endorsement ]
A. Lincoln

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[ docketing ]
Samuel Hurst
note $170.00
[ docketing ]
Cr By $102:00
1While Abraham Lincoln did not write this promissory note, he authored and signed the “Witness” endorsement and wrote Samuel Hurst’s name and “his mark.” Hurst presumably made his own mark. Lincoln also wrote everything on the back page that is transcribed here.
2This individual may be Samuel Hurst of Menard County. On the date that this note was signed, Lincoln was in attendance at the Illinois House of Representatives in Vandalia.
The Lincoln Log: A Daily Chronology of the Life of Abraham Lincoln, 15 July 1837,

Handwritten Document Signed with a Mark, 2 page(s), Lincoln Collection, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (Springfield, IL).