Sec[Section] 1st Be It enacted by the people of the State of Illinois Represented in the General assembly, That there be elected by the general assembly on Joint ballot, at the present session and every two years thereafter one States attorney for each Judicial circuit now, or hereafter to be created in this State except the circuit in which the seat of government is Situated; and the person so elected shall be commissioned by the governor to continue in office for two years from and after his election, and untill his Successor shall be qualified,
Sec 2nd So much of the 3rd Section of the act to which this is an amendment approved Feb. 17th 1827, as relates to the appointment of States attorneys by the Governor be and the Same is hereby repealed
[ certification ]
David Prickett
Passed H. R. Decr 16. 1834.
D. Prickett Clk.[Clerk] H. R

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H. R.
A Bill for an act to amend an act Entitled “an act relating to the attorney General and States attorneys”
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Referred to Com. on the Judiciary
Mr. Ewing
[ docketing ]
David Prickett
to be Enrolled as amended.
Clk. H. R.
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Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Folder 1, HB 3, GA Session: 9-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,