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Sec[Section] 1 Be it enacted by the people of the state of Illinois represented in the General Assembly; That the commissioner of school lands for Cook county Illinois be and he is hereby authorized to loan to the county of Cook a sum of money not exceeding twelve thousand dollars, out of the funds of Township thirty nine north Range fourteen East of third principal meridian in said county, at a rate of interest not less than ten per centum per annum payable semi annually.
Sec 2 The money so borrowed by the said county shall be expended under the direction of the county commissioners of said county in erecting a court house in the town of Chicago in said county; and the said court house when so erected and the ground upon which the same is situate, and the revenues of the said county are hereby pledged to the school fund of the said township for the repayment of the money so borrowed. Provided however that it shall be discretionary with the said county commissioners to borrow said sum of money or not as they may see proper.
Sec 3 The said sum of money so authorized to be
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loaned to the said County of Cook shall be considered a loan to the said county for the term of ten years, but reimbursable at the pleasure of the county commissioners of said county.
Sec 4 It shall be the duty of the county commissiones of said county of Cook in the event the said loan shall be made to provide sufficient revenues by a tax or otherwise to pay the interest on the same as it shall become due and payable: Provided however that the corporate authorities of the town of Chicago shall and they are hereby required to pay one fourth of the interest of said loan as the same shall become due and payable out of the treasury of said corporation.
Sec 5 The commissioner of school lands for the said county of Cook is hereby authorized to loan the school funds of said county by taking a mortgage upon unincumbered real estate in double ^the^ value of the sum so loaned, and also good and sufficient individual security: Provided that all sums of one hundred dollars and under may be loaned upon good personal security.

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A Bill entitled An Act for the releif of Cook County.
To be enrolled
sec[Secretary]. Senate

Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 223, SB 65, GA Session: 9-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL),