A Bill for an act to encourage volunteer Companies.
Sec[Section] 1 Be it enacted by the People of the state of Illinois represented in the General Assembly, That whenever any volunteer, or Independent Company shall ^has become organised or shall hereafter^ become organised according to the laws of this state, it shall be lawful for such Company at any regular meeting thereof to adopt a Constitution and Bye-Laws for the regulation & government of said Company, which shall not be in^con^sistent with the Constitution of the United states, or of this state.
2nd It shall be the duty of the acting orderly sergeant of the Company to keep a perfect and complete record of the Constitution and Bye-laws of said Company which shall be signed by the Capt acting Captain of the Company and countersigned by the acting orderly sergeant; and said Constitution and Bye-laws shall at all times be subject to the inspection of any member of the Company.
3rd said Constitution and Bye-laws may fix the fines and penalties which shall be imposed on any member of the Company for an infraction of any of the provisions of said Constitution or Byelaws, and may also fix and inforce the fines which shall be imposed on any member for a failure to muster at any time when parade at any muster which may be called according to the Constitution or Byelaws of the Company.

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4 no Company shall be entitled to any of the Benefits of this law, which shall not provide in its Constitution or Bye laws for ^4^ six Company musters during the year.
5 Whenever any member of the Company shall have been guilty of a violation of any of the provisions of the Constitution or Bye laws of the company, and a fine shall have been assessed on him in accordance with the provisions of said Constitution and Bye-laws, It shall be the duty of the acting orderly Sergeant of the company (or in case he is interested, then of the next Sergeant of the company) to call ^demand^ of such member said fine, and in case of his neglect or refusal to pay the same; And in case it shall be lawful to bring suit for the same in the name of the Company, before any Justice of the Peace of the County, subject to an appeal to the Circuit Court as in cases of debt or assumpsit. Provided however, that before ^when^ said suit shall be tried brought security for costs shall be given by some responsible person ^or persons,^ in case said suit shall be determined against said Company.
6 It shall be sufficient p evidence that the Constitution or bye laws have been regularly adopted, if they are signed by the ^acting^ Captain, and countersigned by the acting orderly Sergeant, of the Company. and any member of said Company may be a witness in all cases brought under the provisions of this law.

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Section 8 It shall be lawful for any two or more volunteer Companies, to organise themselves into an odd Battalion, and elect their major, adjutant and all other staff officers. Provided ^the parade grounds of^ said Companies are in the same County and not more than twenty five miles apart. And in case there shall be four or more volunteer Companies in one County they may organise themselves into a Regiment, & two Battalions, & elect their Colonel & staff officers in such manner as may be mutually agreed upon by the respective Companies.
Sec. 9 Whenever any Battalion or Regiment shall become organised as aforesaid, it shall be lawful for the same to adopt a Constitution & Bye laws for their government as a ^above^ provided for in the cases of Companies, The acting Colonel, or major, (as the case may be) supplying the place of the acting Captain, and the acting adjutant the place of the acting orderly Sergeant.

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Section 10. Any person serving ten ^eight^ years in one or more volunteer or Independent Companies shall be exempt from performing any military duty in time of peace, upon obtaining a certificate or certificates that he has faithfully discharged his duty as a member of said company.

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7 All fines collected under this law shall be received by the acting orderly sergeant, or acting Captain of the Company, and shall be used for the benefit, and under the direction of the Company.

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No 194
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A Bill for an act to encourage volunteer Companies.
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To be Engrossed.
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Handwritten Document, 6 page(s), Folder 174, HB 187, GA Session 10-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,