An act to Incorporate the town of Juliet & define its boundaries.
Sec.[Section] 1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois reprosented in [the] general assembly, That the following are hereby declared to be the boundaries of the Town of Juliet in Will County, to wit, Commencing at the River Desplaines on the north line of Section Nine in Township Thirty five North, of Range Ten East of the third principal maridian and running thence East on said line & the North line of Section Ten in said Township three quarters of a mile, thence Southerly to a point on the South line of Section Fifteen in the same Township, three quarters of a mile from said River on said last mentioned line, thence on said line and the South line of Section ^sixteen
in the Township aforesaid to said River, thence across said River & on the said South line of Section Sixteen & on the South line of Section Seventeen in said Township, three quarters of a mile thence Northerly to a point on the north line of said Section ^Nine
three quarters a mile due East from said River, thence Easterly to the place of beginning. And the Inhabitants of said Town & all within said boundaries shall be & are hereby constituted a body politic & corporate by the name & Style of the “the President and Trustees of the Town of Juliet,” and shall be invested with all the powers & enjoy all the rights & privileges which are confered upon Towns Incorporated under an act entitled “An act to Incorporate the Inhabitants of such Towns as may wish to be incorporated, Approved Febuary 12th 1831, so far as said act is not inconsistent with the provisions of this act.
(Sec. 2.

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Sec. 2 Be it further enacted that said corporation shall be divided into two wards. All of said corporation lying East of said River shall constitute the [?]East Ward & all West of said River shall constitute the West Ward. Two at least of the Trustees of said Town shall reside in each ward & the taxes collected in the respective wards shall be expended under the direction of the Trustees for improvements in said wards respectively, Provided however, that all expences incident to purchasing & enclosing Burial Grounds and building & keeping in repair Bridges across the Des Plaines River & the general current expences of said corporation shall be paid out of the general fund of said corporation.
Sec. 3. The Board of Trustees shall have power to [pur]chase for the use of said corporation land for [ a] Burial Ground, to enclose the same & make such regulations in regard to the same as they may think proper, to licence Taverns[,] Groceries[,] & Stores within said corporation & also to erect & keep in repair across the Des Plaines River within said Corporation such Bridges as the convenience of the inhabitants in said Town may in their Judgment require, Provided, That the General Assembly may repeal[,] alter[,] modify[,] or amend this act at pleasure.
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Passed the Senate, Feby 9 1837
J. B Thomas Jr, Secy’[Secretary] Senate

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No 267
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A Bill for an act to Incorporate the Town of Juliet and define its boundaries.
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Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 426, SB 169, GA Session 10-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,