. . .bly shall be entitled to vote either for or against this charter, and if a majority of all the votes given be for the charter then the said judges shall determine the time & place of holding the first general election, which shall not be more than fourteen days nor less than seven after the acceptance of the charter and shall publish notice thereof for at least four days before the day appointed for such election; At which election it shall be the duty of two or more ^of said^ justices to serve as judges, or to appoint others to serve in their stead as herein before directed, But if the charter shall not be accepted as aforesaid, then any two of the resident justices of the peace in said town, may, from time to time, whenever they shall be petitioned to that effect by a majority of the householders residing in said town & corporation, cause an election to be held as aforesaid until the charter shall be accepted as aforesaid, they shall then proceed as herein before provided, and the trustees who shall be elected at the first general election, shall continue in office till the day hereinbefore designated for the annual election of trustees & until their successors
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are elected & qualified.
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Passed the Senate July 18
J B Thomas Jr
Sec’y[Secretary] Senate

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[ docketing ]
A Bill for “An Act to incorporate the Town of Ottowa & for Other purposes
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[ docketing ]

Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 94, SB 33, GA Session 10-S, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,