Amendment to "A Bill for the Relief of Incorporated Towns," [18 January 1840]1
Strike out the second Section, and insert the following—
Sec[Section] 2. The collector of each county shall pay over to the President and Trustees of such incorporated town within his county one half of the county tax collected by him off of property real and personal within the limits of such incorporated town—
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the text of this amendment in its entirety.
John Henry introduced the bill in the House of Representatives on January 9, 1840. On January 10, the House referred the bill to the Committee on Finance, of which Abraham Lincoln was a member. The Committee on Finance reported back the bill on January 18 with this amendment, and the House tabled the bill and proposed amendment.
Illinois House Journal. 1839. 11th G. A., special sess., 141, 143, 202.

Handwritten Document, 1 page(s), Lincoln Collection, HB 114, GA Session 11-S, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL).