A Bill for an Act to amend an act Entitled “an act concerning Public Roads.[]
Sect[Section] 1. Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Illinois represented in the General Assembly, That
Every person owning or occupying lands in the county in which he or She resides, and every male inhabitant above the age of twenty-one years residing in the county, when the assessment is made Shall be assessed to work on the Public highways in such county; and the lands of non-residents, situated in such county, and liable to taxation, Shall be assessed for highway labor, as herein after directed.
2d The county commissioners court of each county, Shall meet within one month after their regular march term, at the county Seat of each county, on such day as they Shall agree upon.
3. Each of the Supervisors of road districts Shall deliver to the clerk of the county commissioners court, within thirty days after his appointment a list subscribed by Such Supervisor, of the names of all the inhabitants—his road district, who are liable to work on the highway^s^—also a list and statement of the contents of all Lots, pieces[,] or parcel of Land, liable to taxation within his road district, together with its assessed value as assessed by him, and for that purpose he is hereby made Such assessor
4. The clerk of the county commissioner’s court, Shall deliver the lists filed with him by the supervisors of roads, to the county commissioner at the next term of their court, who Shall proceed as early as possible, to ascertain, Estimate[,] & assess the highway labor to be performed in their county, the then ensuing year.
5. In Making Such estimate & assessment, the county commissioner’s court shall proceed as follows:
1. The whole number of day’s-work to be assessed in Each year, Shall be ascertained, and Shall be at least three times the number of of taxable inhabitants in such county.
2. Every male inhabitant being above the age of twenty0ne years, (Excepting, paupers, idiots, & lunatics,) Shall be assed at least one day.
3. The residue of Such highway labor, Shall be apportioned upon the Estate real & personal of Every inhabitant of such county, on the real estate ^liable to taxation^ as the same Shall have been assessed by the supervisors, and on the personal Estate, as the same shall appear by the last assessment roll of the county, and upon each ^Lot^[,] tract [,]
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or parcel of Land, of which the owner or owners Shall be non-residents the Same as that owned by residents.
4. The County Commissioners Court Shall affix to the name of Each person named in the list furnished by the Supervisors, and also to the description of each lot, tract[,] or parcel of land contained in the list prepared by them, of non resident lands, the number of days which such person or tract shall be assessed for highway labor, as herein directed, and the County Commissioners Shall Subscribe Such lists, and file the same with their clerk.
6. The Clerk of the County Commissioners Court Shall make a copy of Each list,& Subscribe the same, after which he shall deliver the several copies to the Sheriff of the County whose duty it shall be to deliver the said copies to the respective supervisors of highway of the several districts in which the highway labor is assessed.
7 The names of persons left out of any such list, and of non-inhabitants, Shall from time to time be added to the several lists, and they shall be rated, by the Supervisors in proportion to their real and personal Estate, to work on the highways, as others rated by the county commissioner’s court on such list, subject to an [appeal?] to the county commissioners court within twenty days after they shall be notified of such rating by the Supervisor.
8. It Shall be the duty of the Supervisors of road districts, to credit such persons as live on private ^& cart^ roads, and work the same, so much on account of their assessment, as such Supervisors may deem necessary to work such private ^& cart^ roads.
9. Whenever the County Commissioners’ Court, or the Supervisor Shall assess the occupant, for any land ^not^ owned by such occupant, they shall distinguish in their assessment list, the amount charged upon such land, from the personal tax, if any, of the occupant thereof. But when any such land shall be asse^ssed^ in the name of the occupant, the owner thereof shall not be assessed during the same year to work on the highways on account of the same lands.
10. Whenever any tenant of any land for a less term than twenty five years, Shall be assessed to work on the highways, for such land, pursuant to the last preceeding Section, and shall act-
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ually perform such work, or commute therefor, he shall be Entitled to a deduction from the rent due, or to become due from him for such labor or [...?] land, Equal to the full amount of such assessment, Estimating the same at the rate of Seventy five cents per day; unless otherwise provided for by covenant or agreement, between ^the^ tenant and his landlord.
11. No person Shall be assessed to work more than thirty days on the highway in any one year.
12. Each Supervisor Shall be allowed Seventy five cents per day for Every day’s babor necessarily spent in assessing the real estate, according to the provisions of this act, to be allowed him on his assessment.
13. The terms “land,” “real estate”, and “real property” as used in this act, shall be construed to include the land itself, all buildings, and other articles erected upon or affixed to the same, all trees & underwood growing thereon, and all mines, minerals, quarries[,] & fossils, in & under the same, except mines belonging to this state or the United States.
14. Any Supervisor who shall neglect to perform any of the duties herein required of him, Shall be liable to presentment, and on conviction thereof Shall be fined in a Sum not less than five dollars, and not more than fifty dollars, to ^be^ Expended on some road within the district of said Supervisor.
15. All acts and parts of acts coming within the spirit and meaning of this act, are hereby repealed. This act to take effect from and after its passage.2

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No 135
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A Bill
For for an act to ament an act Entitled “An act concerning Public Road,” Approved, February 3. 1835
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Com.[Committee] state Roads
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to be Engrossed as amended.
Clk H. R.
1Joseph W. Churchill introduced HB 190 in the House of Representatives on January 24, 1839. The House referred the bill to the Committee on State Roads. The Committee on State Roads reported back the bill on February 28 with amendments, in which the House concurred. The House ordered the bill engrossed, but did not read the bill a third time.
Illinois House Journal. 1838. 11th G. A., 1st sess., 272, 550.
2Sections sixteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, and thirty of the act dealt with various aspects of highway labor.

Handwritten Document, 4 page(s), Folder 145, HB 190, GA Session 11-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL)