Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois represented in the General Assembly
Sec.[Section] 1st. There shall be elected by the present General assembly of the State of Illinois, one Fund Commissioner whose duty it shall be to perform all acts and duties, now required by law to be performed by the Fund Commissioners of this State2
Sec. 2nd That hereafter, there shall be elected by the Board of Commissioners of public works,3 a competent Engineer, who shall be called the “principal Engineer of the State of Illinois and whose salary shall be dollars per annum and there shall also in like manner be elected one assistant Engineer for each Judicial Circuit in this State whose salary shall not exceed dollars per annum4
Sec. 3d The said Board of public works, shall regulate the duties of said principal Engineer and Assistants, and have full power to prescribe the mode of conducting the business and making returns necessary to ensure harmony in the Engineering Department in this State, and to carry out in full the purposes of this act
Sec. 4th That all acts and parts of acts providing for the election of Fund Commissioners, and the appointment of Engineers and their assistants, in this State, which shall be inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed5

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H R No 225
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An Act to amend an Act “to establish and maintain a General System of Internal Improvement” and to provide for the reduction ^of the number^ of Fund Commissioners and Engineers in this State and ^to^ define their duties
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1Augustus C. French introduced HB 277 in the House of Representatives on February 7, 1839. The House referred the bill to the Committee of the Whole. On February 15, the House discharged the Committee of the Whole from further consideration, referring the bill to a select committee. The select committee reported back the bill on February 16 with amendments. The House tabled the bill and proposed amendments.
Illinois House Journal. 1838. 11th G. A., 1st sess., 359, 413-14, 419-20.
2Section one of the internal improvement act created a three-person board of fund commissioners to negotiate loans, buy and sell bonds, deposit and withdraw money, and administer the various fiscal aspects of the internal improvement program.
3Section four of the internal improvement act created a seven-person board of public works to promote, maintain, supervise, and direct the system of internal improvements.
4In 1839, there were nine judicial circuits in Illinois.
5Section one of the internal improvement act provided for the election of the fund commissioners. Section eleven gave the Board of Public Works authority to employ engineers and their assistants.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Folder 223, HB 277, GA Session 11-1, Illinois State Archives [Springfield, IL]