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To the Hon. the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled:
The undersigned citizens of the State of Illinois, would respectfully pray your Honorable bodies that a grant of lands be made to our State, to aid in building a railroad from the Upper and Lower Mississippi to Chicago, on the same general terms and conditions of the bill for the same object, which passed the Senate at the last session, by the large vote of twenty-four to eleven.
These routes being par excellence, great national thorough-fares, in the construction of which, all sections of the country have a direct interest, particularly the Northeast, the West, and the Southwest, and being to ourselves the most important within our borders, so that an undivided and strong support will be obtained in Congress for them, if left unencumbered by other roads; we would respectfully pray that the passage of the bill be not endangered by amendments, and that the terms of the grant be made liberal to the State as in the former bill, so as to secure the completion of the roads, and that it be passed the present session, before the best lands shall have been absorbed by speculators in soldiers’ warrants. And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
Thomas Karr [...?]
J P Karr
[...?] [...?]
William Karr Hamilton T Harston
J W Green Geddes Rob Stewart
Michael J. Cook T [?]urg Wm French
D. Hallway Wm Cook Wm Lucast
Mills Haloway
Reason Means Wm Rust
Wm Hulsey Thomas Fell
Jacob Gardner
H. J. Moore J T Evans
Harvey Rust
T Cook William Mikel
J J. W. Rust David Elder
Henry Mysner Wm Crookshank
Wm Young Hase French
W Leonard Samuel Duffy
E Dale George W Duffy
S Dason M Coverdell
C [?] Cook C Veatch
Thomas Evans
Wm Tompson
James Field
Franklin Tompson
Stepen Ross
Andrew Misner
J B Randolphs
J. H. Dennis
David Armstrong
Peter Armstrong
Andrew Armstrong
William maccin
Michel Crose
Robert Leeper
Ira. Munson
Andrew T [Howell?]
Jerden McAllen
J M Worster
W. M. Rust
Allen Leeper
R Passwaters
Wm Johnson
C. Wakefield
Luke C[?]kis
Samuel Jac[?]y
William [Rust?]
L C Brook
G M Hensley
Henry Pitts
H T Troxel

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Subscribers Names Subscribers Names
J James Lindley John vanastin
Alexander van astin Aaron V[?] Nostin
Wickliff K Miller Abm Van Nostin
peter Misner John H Stewart
Stephen. K. Noble Wm D Evans
William. C. Noble Sevier Stringfield
David Noble Gardner Randolph
Walter Woolener William Randolph
Aratia F Baldwin Thomas Randolph
Uly [?] Passwaters George Rust

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5 memorials of citizens of the State of Illinois for a donation of land for the Upper & Lower Mississippi & Chicago Rail road
February 13, 1849 Referred to the Committee on Public Lands.
30th — 95

Printed Document Signed, 3 page(s), RG 233, Entry 367: Records of the U.S. House of Representatives, Thirtieth Congress, 1847-1849, Records of Legislative Proceedings, Petitions and Memorials, Resolutions of State Legislatures, and Related Documents Which Were Referred to Committees, 1847-1849, NAB,