Amend 4th 1 section by adding following proviso to the manuscript.
“Provided that supervisors shall not be required, to make such return unless the County Commissioners Courts, shall” have levied a tax according to the provisions of this act
Amend 9th Section 2nd line after the word “voters”, by adding following: “resideing within five miles of the road proposed to be laid out or altered”.
Amend 10th section by adding after the word “shall” in the 2nd line as follows, “If in their opinion the public good and convenience require it.”
Amend 14th sec by striking out the word “three” in 5th line and inserting the word “five”
Amend 15th sec 5th line after the word “personal” by inserting the word “or either
1“4th” written over “3rd”.

Handwritten Document, 1 page(s), Folder 49, HB 79, GA Session: 12-2, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,