Resolvd [...?] I move to strike out all after the anacting clase & Insert the following
That this is not a propper time to Enter Into A general cistem of Internal Improvements. Because their is more business ^ (now)^ before the house than can be completed before the usual time of adJournment
That We Wish to have some Expression from the People Wether they Will go into the business of Internal Improvements & If so to What Extant
[...?] That We beleave that to complete the General Rail Roads in contemplation would cost more than the work would be worth after completed
Resolved, That We are of Opinion that the state of Illinois is not prepared to Borry a Large a mount of money for the purpose of making Rail roads
That we will not borry money & plege the faith of the state for the purpose of making rail roads without being Instructed so to do
That We Will not commence any cistim of Internal Improvements whare we shall be compeld to resort to Taxation to defray the Expenses Without to being Instructed so to do

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[ docketing ]
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Wheeler amt[amendment] to In.[Internal] Im.[Improvements] bill.
[ docketing ]
not adopted.

Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Folder 91, HB 96, GA Session: 10-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,