Amendments proposed to the Bill for an Act, to establish the County of Hardin, Strike out all the 1st section of the Bill after the enacting clause, and insert the following in lieu thereof
That all that part of the now County of Pope which lies North of the Township line dividing township Twelve and Thirteen and East of the Grand Piers Creek, shall be created into a new County, to be called the County of Hardin provided that the majority of the legal voters of the present County of Pope shall first vote for such new County, at the Election to be held in said County on the first Monday of August next and to afford an opportunity for such expression of opinion, it shall be the duty of the proper Officers of the now County of Pope, in preparing poll Books for said August election to rule two collums one for and the other against such division, in which the votes shall be recorded as given for or against, as the case may be and if it shall appear from the returns of said election that a Majority of the qualified voters of said County of Pope as now organized shall be in favour of the establishment of the new County of Hardin, as above defined the fact shall be so certified by the Clerk of the County Commissioners Court under the seal of his office to the Secretary of state at the Seat of Government and the said County of Hardin shall therefore concidered and taken
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permantly and legally established with the aforesaid boundaries
Strike out the words “on the first Monday of April” in line 4th of section 2 and insert On the 3rd Monday of August and at the end of sect 5 as follows “according to the amount of taxable property in each County[]
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Handwritten Document, 2 page(s), Folder 135, HB 174, GA Session 11-1, Illinois State Archives (Springfield, IL) ,