Promissory Note of Lewis E. Reed and John Armstrong to Charles Houghton, 4 July 18351
On or before the first day of October next we or either of us promise to pay Charles Houghton thirtynine dollars and twentyfive cents, for value received, as witness our hands and seals this 4th July 1835.
Lewis E Reed
John Armstrong
[ certification ]
Nance, J. E.
J. E. Nance

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[ docketing ]
Charles Houghton Decd[Deceased]
Note made by Lewis E. Reed & John Armstrong
[ docketing ]
Sums[summons] delvd[delivered] Ptff[Plaintiff]2
[ docketing ]
no Judgement rendered on the within this 12th day of December 1835
[ docketing ]
Debt $39. 28.
Justice fees $31.¼
1Abraham Lincoln wrote the main text on page one. Each man signed his own name.
2This unpaid debt likely resulted in a lawsuit.

Handwritten Document Signed, 2 page(s), Meisei University (Tokyo, Japan).