Resolved, That the Governor be requested to inform this House, whether he has received any information from the State Bank of Illinois, or the Bank of Illinois at Shawneetown, showing whether they have accepted the increase of stock provided for by a law of the last session, entitled β€œAn act to increase the capital stock of certain banks, and to provide means to pay the interest on a loan authorized by β€˜An act to establish and maintain a general system of Internal Improvements.’”2
1On July 11, 1837, John J. Hardin introduced the resolution in the House of Representatives. The House received a response from Governor Joseph Duncan on July 12.
Illinois House Journal. 1837. 10th G. A., special sess., 16, 23-24.
2Governor Duncan reported that the State Bank of Illinois on July 7 had entered on its books, as required per the first section of the act, the acceptance of its board of directors to the increase in stock. No communication had yet come from the Bank of Illinois as to its acceptance or rejection of the provisions of the act. During the same session, the House of Representatives briefly considered and tabled a bill that would have suspended the operation of the law until both banks agreed to its provisions. The Bank of Illinois accepted later in 1837.
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Printed Transcription, 1 page(s), Journal of the House of Representatives of the Tenth General Assembly of the State of Illinois, at a Special Session (Vandalia, IL: William Walters, 1837), 16