Cornell, Waite & Jameson

City: Chicago

County: Cook

State: IL

Cornell, Waite & Jameson was a law firm in Chicago, Illinois. Paul Cornell, John A. Jameson and Charles B . Waite were partners in the firm. The firm originated in 1856 when Jameson and Cornell entered into partnership with Perkins Bass to form Cornell, Jameson & Bass. Bass retired in 1857, and Waite became the third partner, forming Cornell, Waite and Jameson. Waite retired in 1860, and Homer N. Hibbard joined to firm to form Cornell, Jameson, and Hibbard. The firm continued to operate under this name until 1862, when Cornell retired. Jameson & Hibbard continued until 1865, when James won election as judge of the Superior Court of Chicago.

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