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Graham's Magazine

City: Philadelphia

County: Philadelphia

State: Pennsylvania

Graham's Magazine was a national literary periodical headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. George R. Graham established the magazine in 1841 by merging Atkinson's Casket and Burton's Gentleman's Magazine. Publishing short stories, poetry, and literary criticism as well as news on music, the arts, and fashion, Graham hoped to attract both male and female readers. Paying rates higher than those of other literary magazines, Graham attracted some of the best writers in the United States, including Edgar Allan Poe, who had been an assistant editor at Burton's and stayed on at Graham's as an editor. Graham further embellished his journal with high-quality engravings and artwork. Graham remained the main editor, assisted by Poe until the latter left the magazine in April 1842. Rufus W. Griswold, Poe's replacement, remained until October 1843, after which Graham handled the editorial duties himself. Graham retained control of the journal until 1848, when financial problems forced him to sell his interest to Samuel D. Patterson. Patterson retained Graham as editor, and in 1850, Graham regained sole ownership of the periodical. Competition from Harper's Magazine and other new journals proved too difficult to surmount, and Graham finally left the magazine for good in 1853 or 1854. Charles G. Leland attempted to revive the failing journal, but it ceased publication in 1859.

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