Illinois Staats-Zeitung

City: Chicago

County: Cook

State: Illinois

The Illinois Staats-Zeitung was a German-language newspaper in Chicago, Illinois. Robert Bernhard Hoeffgen started the paper in April 1848. Initially a weekly, Herman Kriege, editor from 1849 to 1850, made it first a semi-weekly and later a tri-weekly. George Schneider became editor in 1850, and in 1851, Schneider made the paper a daily. Schneider remained editor and a guiding force of the paper until he sold his interest in 1862. Under Schneider’s direction, the Illinois Staats-Zeitung became a leading German-American voice opposing slavery in the 1850s. Schneider and the other editors opposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the expansion of the peculiar institution, and the paper played a major role in the formation of the Republican Party in Illinois.

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