Lowell Daily Journal and Courier

City: Lowell

County: Middlesex

State: Massachusetts

The Lowell Daily Journal and Courier had its origins in the failure of the original Lowell Journal in 1834. Partners Leonard Huntress and Daniel H. Knowlton purchased the defunct paper, and united it with the Lowell Courier, which was first published on January 6, 1835. Started as a rival newspaper to the Democratic Journal, the Lowell Courier was Whig in orientation and politics. It appeared tri-weekly only until July 1, 1845, when William Schouler, who purchased the Courier and Journal in 1842, began to print the paper daily. Throughout the late 1840s to the mid-1850s, Samuel J. Varney published daily and weekly issues of the Journal and Courier. In 1855, Varney stopped publishing the daily. The Journal and Courier continued until 1861, when the Lowell Daily Courier superseded it.

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