Peoria Register

City: Peoria

County: Peoria

State: Illinois

Originating as The Peoria Register and North-Western Gazeteer in 1837, this paper operated as a neutral organ until the presidential campaign of 1840, when it endorsed William Henry Harrison and the Whig Party. In 1842, S. H. Davis, the original owner and editor, sold the paper, and the new owners dropped "and North-Western Gazeteer" from the title. The Peoria Register continued as a weekly Whig paper, supporting Henry Clay for president in 1844. In 1845, new ownership changed the name to the Peoria Weekly Register. In 1848, the paper was sold again, and the new owners changed the name to the Peoria Daily Register, becoming the first daily in Peoria. This venture into daily publication was short-lived, as the paper only circulated from June to August 1848.

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