Abell, Elizabeth

Born: 1804-08-06 Kentucky

Died: 1869-11-20 Fulton County, Illinois

Alternate name: Owens

Elizabeth was born and raised in Kentucky, where her father Nathaniel Owens enrolled her in Nazareth Academy, a Catholic school. It was there that she likely met Dr. Bennett Abell, and the couple was married in 1822. They eventually settled in New Salem, Illinois, where they befriended a young Abraham Lincoln, who lived in their home for a time. In 1836, Elizabeth introduced her younger sister Mary to Lincoln, and the couple had a brief courtship. Lincoln's friend William Butler believed that it was Mrs. Abell who encouraged Lincoln to aspire to a "higher plane of life." In 1850 the Abells lived in Menard County, Illinois, where Bennett was a farmer. In 1860, the family lived in Blandinsville, where Bennett farmed and the family owned nearly $2,500 in real and personal wealth.

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