Alvis, William J. (Alves)

Born: 1791-XX-XX North Carolina

Died: 1866-XX-XX Henderson County, Kentucky

Flourished: Henderson County, Kentucky

Alternate name: Alves, Alris

William J. Alvis (Alves) was a prominent farmer and pioneer of Henderson County, Kentucky. He was living in Henderson County was early as 1825, when he, along with other heirs of the late Walter Alves, laid claim to a portion of the town of Henderson. In May 1828, Alves married Augusta A. Hughes, with whom he had at least eight children. In 1850, he owned real property valued at $17,500. In 1860, Alves owned real property valued at $30,000 and had a personal estate of $24,000. Alves was an Episcopalian and member and vestryman of St. Paul's Church of Henderson.

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