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Allen, Madison

Born: 1805-XX-XX Kentucky

Flourished: Tazewell County, Illinois

Allen lived in Tazewell County, Illinois, as early as 1836. In 1850, he was living in California mining for gold. By 1860, he had returned to the Midwest and was living with his family in Buchanan County, Missouri, where he was a farmer. At that point, he claimed over $11,000 worth of real estate and over $18,000 worth of personal property.

U.S. Census Office, Sixth Census of the United States (1840), Tazewell County, IL, 33; U.S. Census Office, Seventh Census of the United States (1850), El Dorado County, CA, 328; U.S. Census Office, Eighth Census of the United States (1860), Platte County, MO, 210; History of Tazewell County Illinois (Chicago: Chas. C. Chapman, 1879), 732.