Bachop, William

Born: 1808-XX-XX Vermont

Died: 1878-09-09 Sidney, Illinois

Flourished: Allegheny City, Pennsylvania

William Bachop was a dentist in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. Born and raised in Barnet, Vermont, Bachop received his medical training at Dartmouth College, graduating with his doctorate of medicine in 1836. He married Rachel Irvine of Warren County, Pennsylvania. He became a dentist and established a dental practice in Allegheny City on Federal Street near Robinson Avenue. In October 1852, he helped establish the Dental Association of Allegheny County—the first dental society to be created in Western Pennsylvania and the sixth formed in the United States. In 1860, he was living in Allegheny City's fourth ward and owned real property valued at $4,000.

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