Buckner, Aylett H.

Born: 1809-09-16 Henderson County, Kentucky

Died: 1867-09-01 Clark County, Kentucky

Flourished: 1832-1836 Morgan County, Illinois

Buckner lived in Morgan County, Illinois, as early as 1832, when he was appointed a member of the vestry at the creation of the Episcopal Trinity Church in Jacksonville. Buckner married Charlotte Forsythe in Morgan County in 1833. Buckner was a lawyer and at one point co-edited the Jacksonville newspaper The Illinoisan with John J. Hardin. In 1835, he was appointed a commissioner of the State Bank of Illinois. By 1840, he had moved to Winchester, Kentucky, where he was engaged in commerce and owned four enslaved people. In later life, Buckner was the clerk of the Clark County (KY) Circuit Court.

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