Catlin, Willis (Willys)

Born: 1802-01-21 Harwinton, Connecticut

Died: 1873-04-22 Jacksonville, Illinois

Flourished: 1843 to 1873 Jacksonville, Illinois

Alternate name: Cattlin

Willis (Willys) Catlin, watchmaker and bookseller, was a resident of Augusta, Georgia as early as 1830, alongside several members of his family who had also settled there. While living in Augusta, Catlin sold insurance and operated a jewelry store. In 1843 Catlin and his family relocated permanently to Jacksonville, Illinois, where he first continued in the watch and jewelry business, then briefly worked as a daguerreotypist before opening a bookstore in the first half of the 1850s. In 1853 Catlin became Morgan County school commissioner. He continued as a bookseller for the remainder of his life. Catlin married Eliza E. Brinsmade in 1828 and the pair had four children who lived to adulthood. In religion, Catlin was a Presbyterian.

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