Cabell, Edward C.

Born: 1816-02-05 Richmond, Virginia

Died: 1896-02-28 Saint Louis, Missouri

Cabell attended Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) from 1832-33, and then attended Reynold's Classical Academy from 1833-34. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1836. Cabell moved to Florida in 1837 and pursued agricultural work near Tallahassee. 1838, Cabell was a delegate to the territorial convention to form the state constitution for Florida. He returned to Virginia and studied law and earned admittance to the bar in 1840. Cabell moved back to Tallahassee, and won election to the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Florida, after it was added to the Union, serving from 1845-46. He won election, as a Whig, back to the House, serving from 1847-53. After this tenure in the House, Cabell returned to Tallahassee and continued to practice law until he moved to Saint Louis, Missouri in 1859. During the Civil War, he served in the Confederate Army as a lieutenant colonel.

Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1996 (Alexandria, VA: CQ Staff Directories, 1997), 762; Gravestone, Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, MO.