Dougherty, John

Born: 1806-05-02 Dutch Creek, Ohio

Died: 1879-09-02 Jonesboro, Illinois

After the death of his father, Dougherty settled in Illinois with his mother. He was a teacher and a miner before entering the practice of law in Jonesboro, Illinois. He married Katherine James on March 5, 1829, in Union County, Illinois. For a time he owned the Union County Democrat; and he was a Democrat who served Union County in the Illinois House of Representatives from 1832-35, 1836-38, 1840-42, and 1857-58 and in the Illinois Senate from 1842-1848. In 1850, he was an attorney living in Jonesboro, Illinois, with real estate valued at $4,000. He was an unsuccessful candidate for Illinois state treasurer, was an anti-Douglas Democrat, and supported James Buchanan in 1856. In 1860, he owned $25,000 in real property and $4,000 in personal property.

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