Green, Peter

Born: 1796-XX-XX Kentucky

Died: 1870-XX-XX Louisville, Illinois

Green lived in Indiana prior to moving to Clay County, Illinois, in 1829 and settling in Maysville. While in Indiana, Green married his first wife, Mary Britton, and had four children with her before her death. Green married his second wife, Ann Jean while he was still in Indiana and the couple had five children. His primary profession was in medicine, but he also ran a hotel and general store during his lifetime. Green purchased 551.5 acres of land in Clay County between 1836-1869 in an attempt to draw more people to the area. Green moved to Louisville, Illinois, after commissioners appointed by the General Assembly moved the county seat there in 1841. Green represented Clay County in the Illinois House of Representatives from 1836 to 1844. In 1840 Green was living in Clay County and had twelve other people in his household. By 1850 he was still working as a physician in Clay County and had $10,000 in real estate. He had eleven other people living with him, including his wife Ann. By 1860, Green had $3,000 in real estate and $8,000 in personal property.

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