Hubbard, Samuel D.

Born: 1799-08-10 Middletown, Connecticut

Died: 1855-10-08 Middletown, Connecticut

Hubbard pursued classical studies and graduated from Yale College in 1819. He studied law, earned admittance to the Connecticut bar, and practiced law in Middletown, from 1823 to 1837. He also worked in manufacturing. Hubbard won election, as a Whig, to the U.S. House of Representatives, serving from 1845 to 1849. From 1852 to 1853, he was postmaster general of the U.S. under President Millard Fillmore.

Biographical Directory of the American Congress 1774-1996 (Alexandria, VA: CQ Staff Directories, 1997), 1249; Gravestone, Indian Hill Cemetery, Middletown, CT.