Kirkpatrick, Thomas J.

Born: 1803-XX-XX Kentucky

Died: 1897-XX-XX

Thomas J. Kirkpatrick was a farmer, mill owner, and factory manager. He moved from his native state to Illinois, settling in Sangamon County, where, in February 1824, he purchased approximately 159 acres of public land north of Springfield along the Sangamon River. In May 1829, Kirkpatrick married Malinda Bredin, and the following November, he purchased an additional 563 acres of public land. In the 1840s, he owned and operated a lumber mill on Richland Creek in Sangamon County. In 1850, Thomas Kirkpatrick was farming and owned real property valued at $11,600. He also managed a hemp factory in Sangamon County. Sometime before 1860, he moved to California, where he settled on Bear River in Sutter County and in 1860, was a successful farmer with real property valued at $8,000 and a personal estate of $10,000.

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