Mark, David

Born: 1800-06-09 Bourbon County, Kentucky

Died: 1862-05-01 Pekin, Illinois

Flourished: Pekin, Illinois

Alternate name: Marks

David Mark was a landowner, merchant, and town official of Pekin, Illinois. He was among the first settlers in Pekin, constructing the first brick building in the town in 1833. From 1835 to 1838, Mark served as a trustee on the Pekin Board of Trustees. In 1838, the Board of Trustees appointed him town assessor. In July 1840, Mark married Caroline M. Wright in Boston, Massachusetts. Mark served another term on the Board of Trustees in 1841. In 1850, Mark was working as a merchant and owned real property valued at $40,000. In 1857 and 1858, he served as a city alderman. By 1860, Mark was a retired "gentleman" with real property valued at $36,000 and a personal estate of $15,000.

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