Moore, William (St. Clair Co.)

Born: 1791-10-23 Georgia

Died: 1849-04-20 Saint Clair County, Illinois

Flourished: Saint Clair County, Illinois

Moore's family moved from Georgia, to Illinois, in 1812, and settled in St. Clair County. His father, Risdon Moore, opposed slavery and brought fifteen slaves with him who he set free when arriving to Illinois. In 1814, Moore married Margaret Alexander. Moore was a soldier in the Winnebago War in 1827, and a few years later in 1832, he was a captain in the Black Hawk War. After the war in 1833, Moore was appointed to the office of commissioner and agent for the school fund for St. Clair County, and was also the county surveyor. Moore was elected into the Illinois House of Representatives for two consecutive terms, 1834 to 1836, and 1836 to 1838, representing St. Clair County. He was a Methodist minister and preached at the local Methodist Church. Moore passed away in 1849.

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