Roman, William W.

Born: 1804-XX-XX Kentucky

Died: 1861-09-XX

Flourished: Saint Clair County, Illinois

Dr. William W. Roman lived in St. Clair County as early as 1833. In 1834, Roman was an unsuccessful candidate for the Illinois General Assembly. However, in 1838, St. Clair County voters elected him as a Democrat to the Illinois House of Representatives. Roman served one term, as he was unsuccessful in his bid for re-election. Roman was a delegate to the Illinois Constitutional Convention in 1847. In 1850, he was working as a physician and living in Belleville. Roman was appointed physician to the poor-house in 1851 and 1854. He was elected again to the House of Representatives in 1857. Roman also served as master in chancery, and was elected by St. Clair County voters as county clerk, in 1857. In 1860, Roman was working as county clerk in Belleville, and owned $300 worth of real property.

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