Sutphin, Hugh L.

Born: 1807-07-13 New Jersey

Died: 1868-XX-XX Pike County, Illinois

Flourished: Pike County, Illinois

Hugh L. Sutphin was a physician and state legislator. Sutphin settled in Pike County, Illinois, purchasing forty acres of public land near Perry in August 1836. He acquired an additional eighty acres in 1838, and another eighty acres in 1850. In 1846, Pike County voters elected Sutphin, as a Democrat, to the Illinois Senate, where he served from December 1846 to November 1849. In 1850, Sutphin was practicing medicine in Perry and owned real property valued at $6,660. In 1852, Sutphin returned to the Illinois General Assembly, serving in the Illinois House of Representatives from January 1853 to March 1854. He returned to the Illinois Senate in January 1855, holding his seat until February 1857. At the end of his term, Sutphin returned to his medical practice.

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