Thomason, Joseph

Born: 1813-XX-XX Stewart County, Tennessee

Flourished: Sullivan, Illinois

Joseph Thomason was a landowner, pioneer settler of Sullivan, Illinois, and long-time sheriff of Moultrie County, Illinois. In 1830, he purchased 160 acres of land north of what would become Sullivan. In October 1831, Thomason married Lucy Lee Ezell—the first marriage in what would become Sullivan Township. In 1839, he acquired an additional eighty acres in the area. In August 1845, Thomason moved his family to Sullivan, where he built a large frame house on the southeast corner of block five. In 1846, Thomason won election as sheriff of Moultrie County, and he won reelection in 1848. In 1850, Thomason owned real property valued at $500. Thomason became sheriff again in 1852, serving until 1854. In 1858, he again won election as sheriff, and served in that capacity until 1864. In 1860, Thomason owned real property valued at $4,000 and had a personal estate of $2,500. Thomason was among the early members of the Christian Church in Moultrie County.

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