Wendt, Henry

Born: 1823-12-18 Prussia

Died: 1879-01-29 Cook County, Illinois

Flourished: 1854 to 1879 Chicago, Illinois

Henry Wendt, soap and candle maker and real estate broker, was born in Mödlich, Prussia and was a resident of Chicago by 1854. He was a partner in 1855 with Charles S. Crosby in the soap and candle making firm of Crosby & Wendt. By the time of the 1860 census, he was working as a broker. Wendt, a Republican, was elected alderman of Chicago’s Seventh Ward in 1858 and represented Cook County at the 1858 Illinois Republican Convention and the 1860 Illinois Republican Convention. In 1860 Wendt was a director of the newly-organized German Republican Guards, a German-American Wide Awake club in Chicago. The following year he was an unsuccessful candidate for the Board of Public Works. Upon the advent of the Civil War, Wendt was a supporter of Union and enlisted in 1861 in the Twenty-Fourth Regiment of Illinois Infantry, which was comprised of German-American volunteers, and he served in the regiment as quartermaster until 1864. Wendt was married and had several children.

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