Webb, Robert

Born: 1804 Tennessee

Died: 1885

Flourished: 1832 Menard County, Illinois

Webb lived in Morgan County, Illinois in 1830. By 1832, Webb lived in Sangamon County and would remain in said county until 1840. By 1850, Webb moved to Keokuk County, Iowa. In 1860, Webb was farming in Keokuk County, owning $1,100 in real estate and $500 in personal property.

U.S. Census Office, Fifth Census of the United States 1830, Morgan County, IL, 58; U.S. Census Office, Sixth Census of the United States 1840, Sangamon County, IL, 79; U.S. Census Office, Seventh Census of the United States 1850, Keokuk County, IA, 236; U.S. Census Office, Eighth Census of the United States 1860, Lancaster, Keokuk County, IA, 297; Election Returns for the New Salem Precinct in Sangamon County, Illinois.