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Knox County, Illinois

County: Knox

State: Illinois

Lat/Long: 40.9333, -90.2000

On January 13, 1825, the Illinois General Assembly formed Knox County from Fulton County. The General Assembly placed Knox County under the jurisdiction of Fulton County until the new county could gain enough population (350 by law) to organize. In 1830, the county had enough inhabitants to organize, and County leaders petitioned Judge Richard M. Young requesting permission to organize the county and hold elections. Judge Young agreed, and in July voters elected the first county officials. In January 1831, the General Assembly established the county seat at Henderson, which became Knoxville in 1832. In 1831, the General Assembly slightly altered the county's boundaries, and in 1839 reduced them to their current limits. In 1858, Knox County was the scene of one of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates.

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